Scotland Kilt

How To Measure Kilt Size

Waist Size

Waist measurements should be taken at the navel level and the measurement must be tight. This is usually taken 2 inches higher than your hip bone or higher from where your trousers are usually worn. 

Hip or Seat Size (Optional)

Please put your feet together, then measure the broadest part of your hips. Ensure that your pockets are empty! It’s not necessary 

Fell Measurements (Optional)

This measurement should be halfway between the waist and seat (bottom). The fell is the distance from the waistline to the hip measurement line. It’s not necessary 

Kilt Length

Please kneel on the ground, place the tape on the floor then measure up to your belly button. Remember that kilts shouldn’t be worn too long!Normally, your kilt length will correspond with the following guides. If it’s significantly different, try taking the measurements again. If it’s slightly different, then it could be down to preference or body shape. See our notes below for more info.

Height 5′ 6″ to 5′ 7″ = 22″ to 22.5″ kilt length
Height 5′ 8 to 5′ 9″ = 23″ to 23.5″ kilt length
Height 5′ 10″ to 5′ 11″ = 24″ to 24.5″ kilt length
Height 6′ to 6′ 2″ = 24.5″ to 25.5″ kilt length
Height 6′ 3″ to 6″ 4″ = 26″ to 26.5″ kilt length
Height 6′ 5″ to 6′ 7″ = 27″ to 27.5″ kilt length

Scotland Kilt
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